What is the Mandatory Occurence Reporting?

Mandatory Occurrence Reporting is mandatory. Below are pictures that represent some of the SSP module.

ssp module

Some modules such as service difficulty report (SDR), ATS enggineering report, Dangerous good occurence reporting, wildlife occurence reporting, ats occurence reporting serious and accident / incident are several modules that include mandatory occurrence reporting in which the report - the report is mandatory.

The Purpose

To facilitate the collection and information pertuaran actual and potential safety hazards and problems. Also in an effort to contribute to the prevention of flight accident.

Basic considerations when determining whether an incident should be reported are:

· Was there any danger?

· Is the dangerous incident could happen if the situation is different?

· Is the dangerous incident could happen in the future if the situation is not reported correctly?

Based on the ICAO Safety Management Manual, kerjadian mandatory reporting systems tend to emphasize on gathering more information to technical error ('hardware'), compared aspects of human performance. To overcome this, the state and cost of service provider organizations are encouraged to implement the voluntary reporting of events in order to get more information related to aspects of human factors.

Mandatory incident reporting purposes is to prevent safety incidents, such as accidents and incidents and not to blame or memposisisikan a party if it happens. Personnel who fills safety report should have a strong belief that the otorotas regulator and supervisor will protect, and tuntuan or punitive measures such as detention license permits will not be done, but it does not correct reporting or carelessness did.

Such certainty including confidentiality of information and use of the data reported only for the purpose of improving safety alone. Identity protection in the report is a good thing that is done by many countries. Positive safety culture within the organization creates the necessary growing confidence in the success of the incident reporting system. This culture must be tolerant of errors and fair. In addition, the reporting system should be viewed as fair in terms of the treatment of unintentional errors.

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