How to Report?

How to Report

To File a Report You can visit our website at click on Voluntary Reports menu, and fill in the form provided.

Things that do not need to be reported:

Illegal activity

Complaints Customer Service, and

Undesirable conditions that do not affect the Flight Safety. Rapporteur also reminded that it is an offense to knowingly provide false or misleading evidence. The focus should be on the safety of the identified cost significantly.


To be able to use and take advantage of the system of Voluntary Confidential Report or report this Sukerela then you are expected to first fill out your personal identity through the form fields that have been prepared. Once you fill out a form and write personal identity voluntary reports or reports of complaints, then the next system will automatically send the "Code" via your email. With code that was emailed later you can use this code to see and know whether voluntary reports or report your complaint has been followed up and got a response or not.

To make a voluntary registration via Short Messaging Service - type REG # name # address

send to: 0811-99999-20

To send a message via the Short Messaging Service Voluntary - Type AIRPORT OR AIRLINE # # message message message OR Hubud #

send to: 0811-99999-20

Please go to the menu or voluntarily report for more details.

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